Brother James

Pastor’s Update 4/9/14

It certainly was Great to see many of our people back in our services this past Sunday, along with a number of guests, and our attendance positively reflected that. Our Youth Ensemble did an outstanding job in leading us in both of our morning worship services. I also appreciated the encouraging comments concerning my messages….

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 3/26/14

This past Sunday morning I was so thankful and very pleased about what took place in our services with so many of our people out of town because of Spring Break, I really did not know what to expect. However, there were so many positive things that happened in our services. Our attendance was amazing,…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 3/12/14

This past weekend was not a good one for all Pigs in the State of Arkansas. First, the Razorbacks got destroyed by Alabama in their basketball game on Saturday. Then on Sunday Morning the Pig that Kyle and Sherri Sanders brought to the church for me to kiss because we were going to reach our…