Brother James

Pastor’s Update 7/2/14

Well, I certainly did miss all of you this past Sunday as Beverly and I were in Phoenix, Arizona, participating in Family Life’s “A Weekend To Remember” Marriage Conference. But I missed being at Valley on Sunday. I know that Chris and Brian did a wonderful job as they filled the pulpit on Sunday, but…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 6/25/14

This past Sunday our Valley Family met in many different places all over this world. As you know, our six-person Africa Mission Team landed on the Ivory Coast of Africa on Sunday and have currently finished approximately half of their trip. Also, our Tennessee Mission Team (27 individuals) were worshipping with the Fairview Baptist Church…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 6/18/14

I sincerely hope that every Father….every Papa….every Husband….and for that matter, every Man in our Church had a Wonderful Father’s Day this past Sunday. I certainly did! In fact, I could not have personally asked for a Better Day! I had the privilege of Worshipping my Heavenly Father with my dear Church Family. Then I…