Brother James

Pastor’s Update 10/29/14

I hope this past weekend was a Wonderful One for you. It certainly was for Beverly and me. First, our new-born We experienced four fantastic days of God’s presence, this past weekend. It began Thursday night with the start of Grandson, Hays Vanhook, was able to leave the NICU of Baptist Hospital on Sunday. He…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 10/22/14

I must begin this article on a personal note. As most of you know, Beverly and I have been richly blessed again this week with our fifth precious Grandchild. Yes, Hays Osborne Vanhook was born on Tuesday afternoon at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. He weighed 8 lbs. 11 ozs., and of course, he is…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 10/8/14

Although there are a number of things I could share with you about this past Sunday from our Sunday School Attendance being lower than I expected….to the large number of folks in all three of our Worship Services…to the very good Offering we received (PTL!)…to Gage Henderson making his profession of faith public (a double…