Brother James

Pastor’s Update 8/13/14

What a Glorious Day of worship and fellowship we experienced this past Sunday! Because this is the last week before school starts, many of our families made those last vacations & trips out of town this past week-end. And even with that, our attendance was excellent, and our services were even better. On Sunday morning…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 8/6/14

You probably already knew this, but Sunday is my very favorite day of the entire week. I am always honored and humbled to have the privilege to worship our Great and Glorious God with you, my precious church family. I’m always excited about each service because I am expecting our Lord to move in the…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 7/30/14

All of you are familiar with the old saying – – “Same Song….Second Verse.” Well, that’s one of the ways I feel like we can describe this past Sunday, and all nine Sundays since school has been out….“same song”….9th verse. What do I mean? Continue to read. All summer we have experienced Great Services….Powerful Worship….Wonderful…