Brother James

Pastor’s Update 12/17/14

What an Incredible Weekend we experienced here at Valley. This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights a combined total of well over 1000 people attended our Christmas Dinner Theater to enjoy a delicious meal and to hear and see our Christmas Musical Drama – -“Witness To A Miracle.” And I must say that it was…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 12/10/14

This past Sunday was a Glorious Day here at Valley as we began our Christmas Worship Celebration with the music and the message centered on the Birth of Christ, and how that one event changed the world and changed the eternal destiny of millions of people. Our attendance was amazing! (It was exciting to be…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 12/3/14

As expected, the long Thanksgiving weekend certainly had an effect on our attendance this past Sunday, especially in our Sunday School. I realize that this particular Sunday is always the busiest travel day of the year as people are returning home from visiting with family and friends. And that included many of you. I hope…