Brother James

Pastor’s Update 4/15/15

I had been looking forward to this past Sunday for several weeks as I have been preparing to begin my new sermon series- “re-MARK-able” – a verse-by-verse study of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of Mark. And this past Sunday was Launch Day for that series. In fact, I preached…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 2/8/15

“Let’s have Every Sunday to be Easter Sunday!” That was the conversation that our Church staff and many of our members had with me this week. And I was in total agreement! Yes, Sunday was an Amazing Day of worship and praise here at Valley. We had almost 1,300 in attendance for both of our…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 4/1/15

“Incredible!” “Amazing!” “Glorious!” Those three words are very typical of the comments I have received from so many of you concerning the Powerful Revival Services that we experienced this week! The Lord obviously used Ed, Charles and Clay in a Mighty Way! There were several individuals who were saved. And while you and I always…