Pastor’s Update 4/1/15

“Incredible!” “Amazing!” “Glorious!” Those three words are very typical of the comments I have received from so many of you concerning the Powerful Revival Services that we experienced this week! The Lord obviously used Ed, Charles and Clay in a Mighty Way! There were several individuals who were saved. And while you and I always…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 3/25/15

Well, the combination of a rainy Sunday and the mass exodus because of Spring Break had a drastic affect on our attendance this past Sunday, especially in our Morning Services. But the Lord still blessed our services in a tremendous way with people giving their lives to Christ and many others coming forward to the…

Brother James

Pastor’s Update 3/18/15

“AMAZING!” “INCREDIBLE!” What the Lord did in our services this past Lord’s Day, specifically on Sunday night, reminds me of what He did in Mark 1 when Jesus healed the paralytic. As the man got up, picked up his bed and walked out in front of a crowd of people, the Bible says that they…