Sunday School

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

We offer a number of Bible Study classes on Sunday mornings during our Sunday School hour. This time provides study of the Scriptures at a proper level of understanding for each member of the family. It provides an opportunity for its class members to share their needs with others in a class; it provides an opportunity for personal application of the Scriptures, aimed specifically for the age level of the class; and it provides fellowship and a sense of belonging to the members of each class.

Sunday School

Sundays at 9:30 am

Available Classes


Downstairs of His Kids building
We are passionate about introducing kids to a relationship with Jesus and teaching them how to be a disciple for the rest of their lives.  Check your child in a the front desk and our greeters will guide you to their age appropriate class


Youth Building
Our Sunday morning Life Groups meet in the youth area. This is a time of community and bible study as students meet together with other students their age and dive into the Word.  Grab a donut and head into one of our engaging Bible studies

College and Career

Upstairs, Room 206
This class is taught by Bryant and Mandy Turney and is focused on encouraging and equipping college students and those entering the work force to make a difference in this world for Christ.

Special Needs

Room 38
Here at Valley we partner with families of those with special needs  to provide the support needed for every family member to be able to worship and enjoy community. We have a trained staff leading in this ministry every Sunday and Wednesday.

Young Families

Upstairs, Room 203
This class is taught by Jody & Eden Pagan.  They go through different books of the Bible and study them verse by verse.  It is a great class for those that have children and need a great community around them.

His Daughters

Upstairs, Room 223
This class is taught by Beverly Hays, our Pastor's wife.  They have a great mix of younger and middle age ladies who are sharing life and encouraging each other across different stages of life. 


Upstairs, Room 222
This class is taught by Miles Watson.  This class is dedicated to exploring and navigating God's Word and how it relates to the world that we live in.  This class is composed of adults of all ages.

Young Adults

Upstairs, Room 206
Taught by David and Carrie Fox, this class is primarily made up of couples and singles that have completed college and are in the workforce.  This is a great group focused on diving deeper to understand God's Word.

The Summit

Upstairs, Room 211
This class is taught by Tony Stark. This group is for adults of all ages and backgrounds.  They do an intense chapter by chapter study of the Bible.


Room 25
This class is taught by Darian Weaver and Alan Quattlebaum.  This is a laid back class where everyone gives their thoughts and every lesson is focused on discussion.  This class has adults of all ages. 


Room 13
This class is taught by Bob and June Long.  They study Bible Truths and Doctrines and deeply explore what those should look like in the life of a believer.  This class is for adults of all ages.

Rick Elliott's Class

Room 17
This class is taught by Rick and Tonya Elliott.  This class if full of unique personalities and is a fun class that dives into books of the Bible and works through them systematically.


Upstairs, Room 224
This class is taught by  Tim and Beth St. Clair.  They dedicate themselves to searching the scriptures and working through the topics that are introduced as they study.  This class is for adults of all ages.

Women III

Bride's Room
This class is taught by Judy Steinsiek and is our class for older ladies. These ladies have a wealth of experience in life and they slowly walk through books in the Bible and try to draw all the wisdom from scripture.

Open Door

Room 22
This class is taught by Jim Mason.  This class is open to all of our senior couples and singles.  They walk through scripture together and everyone contributes as they work through what the Bible means for everyone.

Connection Class

Room 218
This class is co-taught by Dr. Tim and Lynne Kamerman and Dr. Mike and Kim North.  They are focused on connecting with God and each other.  They work through devotional book studies together and have adults of all ages.

The Rock Men's Class

Room 59/Deacon's Room
This class is taught by  David Wilson and Keith Miller.   This class is for men of all ages.

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